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Most jewelers emphasize the Color and Clarity of a diamond, but rarely do they tell you about the Cut Grade. Most of them let you assume that "cut " is just the shape of the stone. That's only partly correct. The most important thing about the Cut Grade (defined as the diamond's Proportions, Symmetry, and Polish) is that it tells you how the diamond will perform. The Cut determines the diamond's Brilliance, Fire, and Sparkle. From my experience the Cut Grade is the second most important factor next to Carat size when selecting a diamond. A poorly cut diamond will appear dull and flat compared to an ideal cut stone. It may also appear smaller than it actually is. A perfectly cut round diamond will display a pattern called "Hearts and Arrows" when looking through the stone from the top and bottom. 80% of the diamonds we sell are Triple Excellent - Ideal Cut, because a Diamond is meant to sparkle! 

Meant to Sparkle

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